French curtains can create a romantic feeling

French curtains are full of retro atmosphere, which highlights the noble temperament, and it can put the naturalistic style country into them, which will give a person an elegant and comfortable feeling. Now, let us learn something about the French style curtains.

French curtains

Picture: French country curtains

Curtains with a bold color

The curtains are a highlight of French soft decoration, French style curtains choose in color. It is generally used to compare distinctive color curtains. There are lots of colors, such as blue, green, gray and other colors. Shapes are complex and diverse, in line with the pastoral style of cold tone at the same time, which can also revealed a Retro French style. French style curtains is a major breakthrough in the curtain technology.

Floral patterns are fresh

Soft decoration in the French style, the need to deny is that rich and gaudy colors. We may all prefers fresh style, because they are simple and elegant. Blue or green color are all appropriate colors for french curtains. Especially like those with floral patterns. If you choose a fresh and natural French style, please do not choose a strong color of the style. And Floral curtains exude a kind of romantic French amorous feelings. This is the way to the perfect interpretation of the French style decoration.

floral curtains

Picture: Brown and orange floral curtains

Elegant curtains

When you are using the French Style Curtains, you’d better not use the ceramic tile or wood floors. Which will destroy the whole romantic feeling. French style romantic atmosphere will be created in this way. Elegant carpet preferably be used as the decorative characters to show a quiet rural flavor in a sweet style, which seems to make people in the last century with the French estates. Don’t use those carpet, which is too fancy for which is out of step with the overall style.

Elegant curtains

Picture: Ruffled Window Treatment