Tiffany Lamps beautify your home decor, know the maintenance tips

Tiffany lamps are a mark of excellence and honor for one’s home. Tiffany has gained popularity these days and is available in various colors, shapes, sizes and styles. These are regarded as stylish lights as they transform the beauty of the room such that these lamps become the focus point.

Tiffany lamps

Tiffany lamps, the original handcrafted pieces of 1800 and 1900s were available at auction and were pricey. There are many Tiffany style table lamps and these styles are Dale Tiffany lamps, Floral, Butterfly Tiffany style, Dragonfly Tiffany, Wisteria, etc.

Earlier identifying original Tiffany lamps was possible as there was the Tiffany signature pressed along the model number, but now it is difficult to assess if a lamp is original or not. Shopping for a tiffany lamp is possible as there are many online stores offering different styles and various options in varying price ranges.

Tiffany lamps

Stay safe by unplugging the lamp before cleaning.

In case there is lamp shade made in mica or fabric, use some soft cloth piece or feather brush to do a perfect job.

If the lamp shade is normal, using a regular lamp cleaner is enough. Yet, use a soft cloth sprayed with cleaner to rub the lamp. Avoid spraying the cleaner directly on the lamp.

Generally, the base of Tiffany lamps is in metal or in porcelain or ceramic. The metal base can be cleaned with an oil-based polish. On the other hand a porcelain or ceramic base is best cleaned using warm water. Use distilled water if possible. You may dip a cloth in this water and with a light hand rub the base using soft cloth. Avoiding tap water is recommended as it may leave marks, if it is corrosive.